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Our Denomination

Cataraqui United Church is a member of the Four Winds Presbytery and is affiliated with the United Church Canada; the largest Protestant denomination in Canada. The United Church was formed in 1925 when the Methodist Church, the Congregational Union of Canada, part of the Presbyterian Church of Canada, and the small General Council of Union Churches in Western Canada determined that their shared interests in serving the Canadian public and in overseas missions would be best managed by a unified Church.

Today membership in the United Church of Canada is based on a profession of faith and a commitment to faithful conduct in the Church and the World. For more information about the United Church and the Articles of Faith which govern it, please refer to the United Church of Canada Website.  

Our Faith

            Cataraqui United Church expresses its faith in a variety of ways. Our congregation actively participates in faith formation, including worship services every Sunday, the active work of the Church School, internal events, and Bible studies which help us develop our understanding and appreciation of our religion. Externally, our contributions to overseas missions (most recently our extensive work in Swaziland) as well as more local initiatives with the local food bank, clothing donations, and charitable support allow us to express that faith and compassion on a local and global level.

            If you would like to talk more thoroughly about our faith, or have an interest in joining us, feel free to drop in for a service or event! Or contact us, by phone, email, or social media.

Our Church

Welcome to Cataraqui!

People have worshiped at this historic site for the past 223 years, when a wooden building was finally constructed to serve the Loyalist settlers who had arrived in the area in the Spring of 1785. The site was chosen for its convenient location and its suitability as a burial ground, serving the largely Methodist settlers who until then were forced to gather for worship in their own homes. This time also marked the founding of the historic cemetery which wraps around the church today. Since then, the Church has gone through many transformations but has continued to hold onto its historic roots.

The current red brick building is the third to sit on the site and has stood here since 1881. Today, it is home to an active congregation with numerous missions and hosting a range of events and activities year round.

A Family Church - Since 1792