Cemetery Rules

Lots shall not be used for any other purpose than as places for burial for the dead

The proprietor of the lot may erect proper stone or monument theron but no head or foot stone shall exceed eighteen inches in height.

Children will not be admitted unless with their parents, or with persons having them specifically in charge, nor will schools or other large assemblages of persons be admitted unless by specific permission of the Directors.

No picnic party, no refreshments of any kinds will be permitted to come within the grounds, nor will any smoking be allowed.

No Horses shall be left in the grounds unfastened with a keeper, and no horse is to be fastened excepted at the posts provided for that purpose.

No person or persons in vehicles will be allowed to pass through the grounds at a rate faster than a walk.

Visitors having dogs must leave them outside the gates.

All persons are prohibited from plucking any flowers either wild or cultivated or breaking or otherwise injuring any tree, shrub or plant.

Any person disturbing the quiet and good order of the place by fishing, bathing and washing in the ponds and water courses, or by noise or other improper conduct, or who shall violate any of the foregoing rules, will be compelled to leave the grounds. 

A few examples of some of the rules (circa 1880) that applied to this area, (though not to Cataraqui United Church Cemetery specifically), are as follows.  (It is interesting to note how many of the rules are virtually ignored, or at least not enforced).

Cataraqui Church Cemetery

            The Cataraqui Church Cemetery is as old as the church site. The oldest known burial in the cemetery is from 1809, though older burials are likely either not marked or have eroded too much for identification. Burials extend up until almost present day, providing an interesting cross section of Canadian History over the last two hundred years. Today, the cemetery is under Church management, though its ownership is divided between corporate ownership, private ownership, and another cemetery.

            The church office holds some historical records for the Cataraqui United Church Cemetery. Inquiries for personal genealogical research may be directed to the church office and will be answered on a case by case basis. Cataraqui United Church strictly adheres to our Privacy Policy. You may contact the Church office at 613-548-4392.