Cataraqui United Church

Children &Youth

The Sunday School is a small but busy one. On an average Sunday numbers have varied from 1 – 15.  On regular Sundays, the young people attend the first part of the worship service and then reconvene in the church hall for the Sunday School programme. We  accommodate all ages in one large group with varied activities for different interests.

Currently we are using a curriculum called “One Room Sunday School”. Bible stories as well as current stories about Christians around the world are told in the Sunday School time and in the larger worship service. Children are encouraged to both learn and teach as they develop their Christian understanding and faith.

At Cataraqui we believe that children are not just the future of the church – they are the present. With this in mind, opportunities for children to share in the leadership of the church worship service are offered. Some choose to read, join the choir or take part in pageants.

In the Advent and Christmas season, families participate in candlelighting services each week, lead a special service in December and celebrate together on Christmas Eve. Children are also encouraged to recognize their role in helping others in their community through fundraisers for children in need. Other special events during the year include our family Christmas party, intergenerational services and fun times such as a farm visit.

Our goal is to walk with our younger members as they develop their own relationship with God. We are committed to providing a warm and safe family environment where each young person can ask any question and tell his or her own story.


We have a focus on community fellowship.  With the help of most of our congregation we host  several dinners throughout the year – the largest of which is our Annual Turkey Dinner held the first Saturday of November each year, in conjunction with our church anniversary. As well you will see bake sales, white elephant sales, musical performances, lunches, a quilt show, a strawberry social and yard sales games nights and a motorcycle blessing and brunch. We always welcome newcomers to our activities, for participation and enjoyment of all our events. For more information on our events for each month, please consult the Calendar or contact the church office.


The Cataraqui Choir is composed of volunteer members who love to worship through music. At present, the group is small; about five regular members. This number is supplemented by additional singers for special events and seasons.
Providing leadership in regular worship services as well as special music for Easter and Christmas seasons is the main function of Cataraqui Choir.

Director and accompanist David Fewtrell is an able and tolerant leader. Choir members like to have fun at the practices!

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm. If you love to sing, come join us. New members are always welcome.